Our thoughts can be a scary place to live in with their spontaneity, temporariness and the ability to just disappear into nothingness. To be able to put these thoughts, our creativity into a tangible form is then, a bliss. This is a special issue dedicated to what is a major contribution to this tangibility: printing. The issue itself has been constructed with acombination of printing methods—offset and screen printing and even typewriting to bring to you the realness of printing. We bring to you stories of technicalities and art of printing, block printing and photographic printings. These, unlike our thoughts, are here to stay.


The bus they were travelling in honked for the fifth time in last 30 seconds; but to the two youngsters it didn’t bother so much. Mostly, because they were face to face with an LCD screen on the bus p…


Designdrift’s next issue was being discussed in office when the idea of doing a story on Dilip Chhabria was put on the table and all of us said why not? Kunal Pandya, who has been a big DC fan from hi…