They crease and fold it for origami, or they adorn the paper with their words. And then there are those who see paper as more than just a medium; it is about those who understand its texture, material and surface and know how the paper can participate resulting in unique developments. By looking into the life of artists using watercolours and ink, this issue is a celebration of the creations that surface when different tools interact with paper.



The bus they were travelling in honked for the fifth time in last 30 seconds; but to the two youngsters it didn’t bother so much. Mostly, because they were face to face with an LCD screen on the bus p…


Designdrift’s next issue was being discussed in office when the idea of doing a story on Dilip Chhabria was put on the table and all of us said why not? Kunal Pandya, who has been a big DC fan from hi…