The character Glyph is inspired by ‘Hieroglyphs’ which is a system of writing with pictorial symbols used to represent meaning or sound or a combination of the two. In other words, Hieroglyphs make the paper come to life. Allen Shaw wanted to have a character “Griff” which means ‘new’, but in this context, “Glyph” tuned out to be better choice. This is how Allen created Glyph who now lets the papyrus speak through Egyptian art-inspired detailed depictions, simple lines and shapes that represent order and balance.

Follow Glyph as he walks through their life with effortless humor that will make your mood lighter and day brighter.

This segment features Siddharth Kaneria’s perspective to the world through his viewfinder. It features the tales of his camera: the interactions of the light and time. With that, watch stories of Sidharth’s viewfinder come alive, from his travel to experiments with lights and shadows.

This word ‘sketchnama’ has been derived from parent word ‘aamalnama’ (documentation of our deeds). It was year 2004 when my friend Allen Shaw gifted me my first proper sketchbook crafted at Kalaraksha, before this, I used to sketch on any available paper or books. This inspired me to do the documentation of my journey. today I have over 50 sketcbooks, where all events of my life have been recorded in form of a sketch, sketches ranging from classroom exercise, office work, trips, pilgrimage essentially every facet of my life even the tough times when I had to deal with the passing away of my elders.

This set of sketches are dedicated to all design students who have been associated with me during all these years, all for the love of sketchbooks and sketching.